Barbi Bailey-Smith at her easel

I enjoy art that can evoke an emotional reaction, especially humor. Thus, my work combines my love of animals and art history to create whimsical art on birdhouses and canvas.

My career as an elementary art educator has been wonderful way to work and think with an openness to try many things. My career as an artist has been similar, in that I have worked in a variety of fine arts and craft. My work has been exhibited in the Gil Gallery  in Charlotte, Mountain Nest Gallery in Black Mountain, Durham Arts Council, Meredith 
College, and in many private collections.

“I am a teacher who is an artist, and an artist who is a teacher.”


I live in Durham with my husband, TJ, and spend my time teaching, making art, reading and dog training. My Labrador Retriever, Casey, and I are a certified Therapy Dog Team.

You can contact me at